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Solution Overview

To decrease Hookworm infections, programs must be developed that improve the various components that are linked to poverty such as poor sanitation, lack of clean water, health education, footwear, and inadequate nutrition. Soles for Children™provides needy children with free footwear to prevent hookworm infection, which impedes the development of children into healthy, productive adults by sapping their bodies of nutrients. To tackle this problem most effectively, we partner with like-minded local organizations and apply a three-pronged approach of prevention (free footwear), treatment (medicines to treat existing infection), and education (so the entire community understands the importance of nutrition, hygiene, and footwear).

We will accomplish our objectives by living by our core values:

Partnerships – We will partner with shoe manufactures and indigenous organizations to use recycled materials, (such as tire rubber, plastic water bottles and bags), to create sustainable local microenterprises devoted to developing socially responsible footwear or we will purchase shoes from reputable manufacturers in host countries ‘at cost’ in order to provide shoes to the needy.

Education – We will work with local health care providers, teachers and caretakers to educate children and their communities on the importance of wearing shoes, as well as on general hygiene and nutrition.

Outreach – We will work with local schools, orphanages, teachers, village leaders, and healthcare professionals to ensure that we are reaching and mobilizing the right people and communities, so our services are making a difference.

Health Care Services – We will work with local health care providers, teachers and caretakers to provide medicines and supportive care to these children.

Self-Sustainability – “Buy2Give”. We will sell shoes made from indigenous organizations for the Western Market so that 100% of net proceeds can go back to support our programs. For every pair of shoe sold, we will be able to donate multiple pairs of children shoes and doses of hookworm medication, and other medicines that treat other conditions, as well develop and distribute health educational materials.

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